The USP of our team at Dental Studio is first to understand the patient’s dental need and history, providing them with a comprehensive dental treatment plan to cover their dental issues, putting his mind at ease about any concerns the patient may have regarding the same. This is what keeps our patients loyal and also increases footfall keeping the team at Dental Studio amongst the best dentists in Kurla and of course, in Mumbai. With an experience of more than 17 years, our team at Dental Studio, Mumbai is focused on providing the latest technology and services in the dental field to our patients, making us amongst the best dental clinics in Kurla. Over the years, we have kept ourselves and our Dental office updated with the recent advances in both Knowledge and Technology and make sure our patients receive the best dental treatments at the best Dental clinic in Mumbai.

Besides being the backbone at the Kurla clinic, Board Member, Dr (Mrs) Munira Inamdar she gives special attention to Orthodontic and Periodontic treatments maintaining a close harmony between the corrected teeth position and the gums.The dental clinic in Kurla houses the latest dental technology and a well trained staff to provide the best dental services to patients. Our focus is on providing a comprehensive care system to our patients with a personal touch.