Have you just been told that you need a root canal treatment? Don’t worry you are not alone. Every year millions of teeth are saved and made functional post a root canal treatment. Read on to find out the what, when, how and why of a Root Canal Treatment and how it can give you your smile back!

The centre of the tooth is known as the pulp and is the region which houses the nerves and blood vessels. This keeps the tooth alive. When the pulp gets infected or inflamed a root canal treatment is advised to save the tooth. The infected pulp is removed and the canal cleaned thoroughly.

We at Dental Studio use the latest technology to make your experience pain-free. Most root canals are completed in one or two appointments alone. At times the infection may hinder completion of the treatment and a few more appointments may be required.

Before we start off we use digital X rays to confirm the need of a root canal and analyse how we can save the tooth in the given conditions. All the decay (if any) is removed before we begin with the procedure. An access is gained to the canal and then all the infection and inflammation is cleaned. Medicines may be used as an adjunct to establish perfect cleansing of the canal.

Once the canal is cleaned, we prep it up to be filled. Gutta Percha is used to fill the canal completely. This prevents any further infection creeping inside the canal. A filling is done to restore the natural shape and to strengthen the remaining tooth structure.

Most root canals will require a crown placement. The damage that was caused makes the tooth brittle and at time unable to take the biting forces. The crown takes care of these problems as it reinforces the entire tooth.